AI in Different Sectors

Artificial Intelligence in Different Sectors

Artificial Intelligence in different sectors is buzzing around the market but not with fallacious reason. The shift of economy from the human decision to Artificial Intelligence is coming to the track slowly but steadily.

AI is very much efficient to analyze customers’ behavior, customize experiences, and reduce the operational charge by automating the routine tasks.

Companies are up to invest in Artificial Intelligence in different sectors heavily. They believe that AI will help them through digital transformation.

After putting ample of efforts in research of challenges and overall benefits of AI, we demonstrate how this new technology disrupt and shape different business sectors.

Artificial Intelligence in different sectors is the future of all humankind. Dominating the world is directly proportional to it so, it is not wise to ignore AI.

Countries are able to harness and cultivate the AI innovation culture in the coming decades. The AI favorable culture poises national security improvement and economic growth. Some countries are with overreliance on the archaic economic models and infrastructure. They will face challenges in sustainable competition.

The Turing Test
The Turing Test

Turing Test:

We use the Turing test to examine the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors. If any technology is going to pass it, that would be a true artificial intelligence. Here you will examine against the sentience, empathy. Can we create or innate empathy? Are we successful in creating true intelligence in the computer? can we engineer the empathy? Turing test can solve these questions. Artificial Intelligence in different sectors is going to reshuffle the labor markets by making trade, transportation, and manufacturing more efficient. AI will compel a fundamental thinking approach to many other sectors such as crop yields, national security, and modern military architect.

AI Reports
AI Reports


AI provides the power of decision making and automatic learning based on data analysis.

All the business sectors can automate and optimize their profitability increasing process. Thus it proves the potential of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors.

  1. Accenture has come up with its latest report titled Future Workforce study. And it shows that majority of Indian organizations find advanced technology especially AI, is crucial for their future growth. But only a few of them are planning to infuse training investments in nearby future. Therefore, it will curb the ability of organizations to harness Artificial Intelligence potential.
  2. As per IDC study, Artificial Intelligence surpassed $12 billion market investment 2017. By 2021, the figure is going to achieve $57.6 billion marks. Furthermore, it is predicted that by 2019, Artificial Intelligence is going to cover 40% of digital transformation projects. And by 2021, Business tools are going to depend more on AI.
  3. Geopolitics is difficult to comprehend today, completely. AI is able to sort out this problem in the future. Because geopolitics has a large part of the same domain where AI is going to revolutionize in near future.
AI in global system
AI in global system

How AI can effect in Global Ecosystem:

Artificial Intelligence in different sectors can predict relative risks more precisely. AI can be useful to predict a
real violent storm. It can help to reduce the impact of diseases by developing the required drugs. They will improve the agricultural yields and can solve the common issues in the supply chain for medicine, foods, and other products. These things are vital for geopolitical implications.

The United Kingdom and Israel are thriving AI in different sectors whereas China and the United States are prevalent in this race. In many other countries like Japan, Russia, France, and South Korea, their governments are focusing more on the innovation of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors.

AI In logistic system
AI In logistic system

AI in the Logistics industry:

As the logistics industry is becoming more complex and data-driven, AI is going to play a central role in the logistics industry. Ordering goods and Booking trips online are just one part of a vast logistics area. How can logistics stay away from it when there is a presence of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors?

  • To improve Supply Chain Integrity and Reliability:

Supply Chain world is dealing with a lot of issues such as security, efficiency, and reliability. Along with that, it includes storage, auditing, and delivery. Logistics is all about the game of data. The digitization of data will help to increase integrity, transparency, and reliability. So, AI can efficiently do menial but technical things. The logistics industry is stepping forward at AI to take advantage of it on a primary basis amid
Artificial Intelligence in different sectors has proved its potential.

  • Automated and Intelligent Warehousing:

Intelligent and automated warehousing is very much efficient to lift, move, and sort the grocery items. This concept is successfully run in Andover, England. They have minimized the time, cost but increased productivity.

AI is changing Travel industry
AI is changing Travel industry

Travel Industry:

Artificial Intelligence in different sectors list can’t keep travel industry away from using AI. AI has revolutionized the travel industry by taking the most efficient and best decision to make your travel experience painless.

  • Smart Roads, Improved Traffic, and Road Safety:

In the near future smart road technology is going to dominate. The smart highway has developed with solar panels which can bear 250,000-pound loads. And also has made transparent glass tiles. These tiles are equipped with LED lights system and can control and redirect the traffic, warn, convey a message. All these can be handled by Artificial Intelligence.

  • The era of Self-Driving Cars:

Artificial Intelligence can make the era possible when logistics industry will benefit from self-driving cars while driving continous motion.

  • Real-time tracking system:

Artificial Intelligence can help to get the real-time location of a particular thing or person while driving.

  • Chatbots:

There are chatbots which are also known as downloadable travel AI concierges. We often use it while planning the trip and camping to travel websites, supply stores, and star hotels. It can crack the best deal on a tent, or stay.

AI in Baking Indusrty
AI in Baking Indusrty


Banks are determined on the fact like operational efficiency, compliance with regulatory needs, and data accuracy. Insurance companies, accounting firms, and Banks need such type of technology which can streamline the client data process. Artificial Intelligence in different sectors article can’t skip banks for these requirements. AI automates the sending texts and emails, debt collection, and pre-recorded calls what make a high impact on customers to feel less harassed. In the nearby future, you will receive one call and one email scheduled by Artificial Intelligence. With the success of AI in the debt collection agency, the door will open for Artificial Intelligence in different sectors.

AI in software ndustry
AI in software ndustry

Software Development and IT Service management:

While Artificial Intelligence in different sectors is on booming how can AI avoid to play a vital role in customer support and software development. Artificial Intelligence can effectively troubleshoot basic issues in IT services. Thus, become a powerful tool of the customer in IT service management.

Research majors as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, and Google have found that more than hundreds of startups focus on the areas like discovery, drugs, manufacturing, and education.

AI in application Development
AI in application Development

Application Development:

Many times while watching videos on YouTube or using social media such as Twitter and Instagram, you must have noticed that these are suggesting you the content as per your interest. How can it possible? Only with help of AI- predictive logic.

AI analyzes: Which account do you follow? What type of content do you like? What post do you like? Artificial Intelligence in different sectors has been proved a revolution. So, App Development can’t stay untouched with it.

Artificial Intelligence is a commonplace within the apps nowadays and suggests what kind of page you should explore.

This is a simple and small example to know the use of AI in Application Development. Artificial Intelligence in different sectors is constantly upgrading. App development is not an exception. It is also including new experiences and ensures to offer more in the future.

Artificial Intelligence in AR and VR
Artificial Intelligence in AR and VR

AR and VR

Artificial Intelligence is efficient to realize AR and VR application true potential. AI can tailor all the related experiences according to individual habits. Artificial Intelligence has that potential to cement the application development industry.

AI in many sectors
AI in many sectors

Artificial intelligence in different sectors
has the potential to leverage their efficiency. With the usage of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors, it became easy and simple to suggest products or provide customers basic customer services or software testing, and other problem solution. Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful resource which can determine the destiny of any nation, but it is not God. There are abundant things what AI cannot do at least till the date.

Yes, there are some big challenges in AI but they are neither human capital nor technology. They are the policies. Artificial Intelligence in different sectors needs endeavor of decades. But the government will is not subject to reliability. They are elected with their tenures. This can lower the chances to bear the fruit of the AI strategy which will ripe on a long turn. All political parties come together once to make AI possible in long run. The presence of Artificial Intelligence will feel safe in this world.

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