Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Industry Indian Market Vs Global market

Indian market is on its starting phase in the opposite of matured UK, US, and the Chinese market. Potential of the Indian Laundry market is quite high that is the reason why internzational players are turning toward the Indian market. 

The online market has managed to root in the Indian market but possibilities are not less for new ventures. 

Indian laundry market stands gracefully with an estimated size of Rs. 2,20,000 crores. And it is growing with leaps and bounces annually with USD 10 Billion size. In India, most of our laundry sectors are unorganized which consist of dhobis, servants, maids, and moms. This unorganized sector value is Rs. 5000 crores. The laundry business is yet to grow, presently there are 7, 67,000 establishments. Out of which 98 % is micro-sized where less than 10 workers are functional. In a complete laundry business, just 2 to 3 percentage is functioning as an organized sector. Average expenditure is estimated Rs 500 per month. That is high enough.

In contrast, the USA is leading a matured laundry market across the world with approximately 55000 Laundromat density. China secured the second matured laundry market with approximately 25000 Laundromat density. The UK is a matured laundry market just with approximately 5000 Laundromat density. Malaysia and Indonesia behave the same as the Indian Market in growing laundry business with 10000 and 7000 respectively. 

As a comparison of others in the global laundry market, the Indian laundry market is showing silver lining for an online business model. 

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