Artificial intelligence more human or complete replacement

Artificial Intelligence: More Human or Complete Replacement

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement-  Once Artificial Intelligence was a matter of science fiction but now it has embedded in our daily life even without getting noticed.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making systems more like humans. As AI is improving day by day, it’s potential becoming clearer. Now machines are becoming more and more capable with the addition of an extra bit of intelligence with the help of AI.


Ask Google Home to switch off bedroom lights, It will not let you miss your partner. Sounds like a replacement for your partner.


Or introducing some AI enabled the app to do things like painting, cooking, writing, and many jobs can be a perfect replacement of humans in this area.


It is assumed that future machine will achieve emotions. And you know how emotions are playing an important role to deviate decisions in politics, economies, and countries relations which lead hatred if not war. An emotional machine with human-like intelligence if not better is able to revenge for its pain.


Society is in its big shift where automation plays an important role. We just need to focus on that big shift.

We are already using Artificial Intelligence in Facebook Photo tags, Amazon recommends books, YouTube and Instagram recommendation lists by analyzing our search behavior.

We don’t find any danger until now but if it is going to misuse our personal information, could be a huge setback for us. So, we have to identify the limits of our dependency on AI.

Artificial intelligence as a service
Artificial intelligence as a service

Market: For AI machine

The market for the machine with human psychology is getting prepared. Artificial Intelligence is a new concept to the business world, it promises to enable us for solving our key issues. These key issues include to detect threats, defend ourselves, and answer to adversaries. But now it is going one more step ahead by giving machines the ability of human phycology and making them more human.

Machine Better Than Human: Consequences

What if we would successfully make AI as good as human beings or better than him? Human and animals are different from machines with sentience until now.

As sentience falls under a wide range of human intelligence, some minds have made their point that some sentient persons have a lack of human intelligence. AI need not get the highest level of human intelligence to be sentient. AI system might feel entitled to take revenge for its sufferings.

So, we should not hurry to celebrate the potential of AI, but also concern about its limitation. Because anyone can misuse AI by understanding the AI limitation.


AI more like a human
AI more like a human


The machine is being more human:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– Sentience is an ability to any living creature which is necessary to feel pleasure and to suffer. As we know machines are not going to react, we usually treat them with no extra amount of care or respect. If we manage the same behavior with sentient machines, this will cause them pain. Just an example: If we behave this way to any sentient person how they are going to react. I have two answers for that:

  1. If we treat animals without respect or caring about their emotions, they can’t revenge.
  2. But if we are doing that behavior with human, they will revenge surely unless they are a saint.

AI reaction toward us
AI reaction toward us

AI machine: Reaction

What would we expect from sentient futuristic machine to react to our behavior?

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement – If a sentient machine is as intelligent as a human being, its revenge will as good as human if not better.

A sentient person is much more involved in creativity. So, the sentient machine would have an impact on the creative field.

If Artificial Intelligence starts writing, editing, painting, and other artistic work, many artists can lose their jobs.

The market place is getting ready for machines with human phycology ability but on which cost, we have to consider it too.

No doubt, Artificial Intelligence holds many promises but there are some possibilities of perils too. So, we should ready for the negative consequences of our creation.

Another perspective:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– On a technical perspective, it is more complex to make a machine with sentience. According to scientists, making machines with emotions is more difficult in practice rather than philosophically.

Because we have not explored machine sentience completely yet, so we can’t be sure AI could get sentience or emotions.

In the artistic world, AI is an axe on the manual and time-consuming process of artists. But AI results in creativity growth rather than job eating monster. So, AI is becoming clearer as we introduce it more in our life.

AGI and Jobs:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– Automation is not on individuals’ job but on the entire industries. So, it requires a massive scale of software to meet industry’s needs. That is why automation is complex and has to operate on a large scale.

Researchers are trying to make an AGI. AGI stands for artificial general intelligence. AGI is a machine which is capable to do all the works what human can perform.

AI has the ability to learn things. But AGI will learn more than what it is made of. And emotions are the instigator of sentient persons to learn things for their decision. So, we need to think about how we are treating a sentient person. If we are thinking to treat a sentient person right, why we are waiting for AGI to hold the control.

AI in creative fields:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– Artificial Intelligence is becoming better day by day. It has stepped into the creative field already. Photography is using it so much. First, Algorithms have to assure the visual elements in photos after that they have to figure out the relationship between each other. And the scene which is translated into a simple, easy and human-friendly language.

AI in photography
AI in photography

AI and Photography:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– Over the last few years, photography has shockingly advanced in smartphones. An in coming years, we are going to see progress without any compromise.

If you are looking for a good camera in your next phone, say to the manufacturer about AI. Recently impressive, advancements have taken place in photography at silicon as well as software which is far from lens and sensor. This happens possibly just because of Artificial Intelligence.

Google Photos:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– AI is providing the cameras a better sense of understanding which they are clicking. 

Google photos are an example of a perfect blender of photography and Artificial Intelligence. This happened to launch in 2015 through an app. Before it, Google had was using Artificial Intelligence to categorize images for many years.

But the advent of Photos application with Artificial Intelligence feature changed the experience of users. Now thousands of disorganized libraries of photos have started to transform into the searchable and organized database over the night.

Suddenly, Google got to know how your cat looks like. Before that, the color of the cat is not recognizable properly in the pics.

AI and Intelligent Photo Management Software:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– Intelligent photo management software can improve the photo at a greater extent. But Artificial Intelligence can make a greater impact. It can impact on the initial stage of image generation.

Here sensors will get bigger and lenses will be faster. But we have already done this while revising the optical systems into new slim smartphones. Nowadays, it is very easy for phones to take better pictures at the starting of the process.

These are far better than traditional cameras. It is no match with profound photography system which contains a neural processing unit, image signal processor, and systems-on-chip with CPU.

It sounds like photographers are going to lose their jobs or they have to look for creativity to survive on the race with AI.

Allen AI Iconary

AI in Pictionary Game:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement-Researchers of Artificial Intelligence accept that they can help in Pictionary. You must have heard an online Pictionary game which boasts to hone AI’s common sense. The name of the game is Iconary.

Players have to demonstrate complicated scenes.  Complicated scenes include kicking a tennis ball and victory celebration. These are not easy tasks for AI and demand a broad range of common sense skills.

Iconary can’t make common sense possible to AI over a night. But slowly, it will crack the puzzle of common sense with lots of experience. AI can’t play this game without collecting data. So, human needs to come forward to give them experience. This is the way they can AI can be better for future experiments.

Speeding up the guessing process, AI will learn to depict the complex phrase in symbols. Like the symbol * means a family enjoying together on the dinner table. You can easily deploy it as a part of the real world. A human can have more time to save the time for creative things. So, relax AI will only help humans rather than making them obsolete.

AI and data safety
AI and data safety

AI and Personal Information:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– Trust and Digital transformation should go side by side. Unless people have not to trust how they can embrace Artificial Intelligence? AI is so fragile and many people don’t accept it.

There are Top concerns about AI such as AI can be responsible for false content generation, social exploitation, and spear-phishing very much effectively.

So, Artificial Intelligence and the raft of cut-edge technologies should be secure.

Public Safety Data Sets are vulnerable:

Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement– Personal Information Data sets can be a victim of Artificial Intelligence vulnerability. Personal Information Data sets are now available in the areas of Identity cards, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure. So, Personal Information Data sets are responsible for public safety data sets.

We can recognize citizens to make the city safer with the help of the database. If we can, any crime mongers also can misuse the data without a proper barrier to access Artificial Intelligence.

AI and analyze data should be far from common hands under a high level of security. Otherwise, data can be exploited if gone to wrong hands.

AI news anchor
AI news anchor

AI in News Channel:

Artificial intelligence: More Human or Complete Replacement

China has recently introduced Artificial Intelligence as a news presenter. Xinhua, a news agency in China, gave it a name Xin Xiaomeng. Before this female anchor, Xinhua has introduced two male anchors already. It might say that now news reader jobs are in danger but it is also true that now they have to work more on the quality of data.


The world has been always worried about losing a job for long. With the evolution of the computer, it was predicted that people are going to lose jobs. But the result is in front of us. Tiresome manual job reduced but the quality of the job took its growth exponentially.

There are many worries going around if machines would become sentient in the future. But it is also true that it is not child’s play to make machines with human phycology. We don’t suggest to neglect the consequences of the futuristic machine but we can’t live in fear too.

AI can solve our daily lives problem which its promise to do. And make our life easy but we can’t celebrate only the gifts of AI so early because there are a lot of skeptics about AI’s effect on human’s life. You can judge Artificial intelligence: more human or complete replacement.

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