Stadhawk Services Pvt. Ltd has a broad spectrum of services, Which are being provided by our highly professional and dedicated team members working 24×7 to find out solutions for a lot of problems being faced in the field of high-end Logistics, Information Technology to the lower end Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services. We are a team of design thinkers, having an in-depth knowledge of the operations, marketing, sales who works dedicatedly for a sustainable growth. 

Stadhawk Services Pvt.Ltd. acts as a bridge between two separated edges for the welfare of our consumers and suppliers. We work hard and smartly to satisfy our clients. Whom we believe as the backbone for our success. Not only this we also believe our employees are the best thinkers, who are working hard and relentlessly to minimize the demand and supply gap.

From a humble start, we have now grown today with a wide range of services.  We are currently providing our services in Delhi-NCR and expanding to various cities across India. Which we believe as the first step to achieve success in such a short span of time. This all become possible due to the loyalty of our satisfied clients. We are also working dedicatedly and passionately for gaining maximum customer satisfaction. 



The key to true happiness is being able to discover it in every moment, not waiting for it to arrive with the achievement of some future goal. Living a passionate life is the fulfillment that comes from the process of creation. The happiness that comes from achieving a goal is fleeting at best. Happiness is a fickle beast. It has a tendency to come and go as we feel expanded and contracted. Happiness arises spontaneously when you love the process. Passions are about how you live your life. Goals are about what you chose to create in your life. So, we believe in a happy and passionate way to workout.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customers’ satisfaction will make or break our business, so a customer-first focus should be at the center of everything you do. So, we always try to provide the excellent customer satisfection.


Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual. Innovation is the implementation of something new. Invention is the creation of something that has never been made before and is recognized as the product of some unique insight. We believe we are not doing inventions but we are innovative and creative enough to work differently.


Being genuine and transparent, both internally and externally, is a tenet that’s growing in popularity. If anything about  our company isn’t genuine — from our business partnerships to our marketing campaigns — our customers will be able to tell. So, we are transperent.


  • Stadhawk Services Pvt.Ltd. believes that a strong technology can solve the day to day problems faced. So, we have built a strong technology using AI and various algorithms to solve the real time problems in Logistics, Information technology and Laundry & Dry Cleaning industry.
  • We help our suppliers/partners to meet their potential customers, and customers to meet the quality of services with keeping the true value of money in mind.
  • Here we deal with professionals to provide the best quality of services in the market without compromising the time of delivery. We are completely dedicated to our customer delight. 
  • We use technology to get customer concerns down without any delay. 
  • We believe any development is incomplete without sustainable development. We try our best to minimize negative impact on the environment.


A healthy work culture leads to satisfied employees and an increased productivity.

Appreciating the top performers is important – Praise the employees to expect good work from them every time. Give them a pat on their back. 
Let them feel indispensable for their organization. Don’t criticize the ones who have not performed well, instead ask them to pull up their socks for the next time. Give them one more opportunity rather than firing them immediately.